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What's US lake info all about? It's about providing data on over 6000 lakes located in the United States.

How does it work? On our home page, click on the state link. That will direct you to our LakeHouse411 lake database. After you choose the state, you will find a HUGE list of lakes in the state. Select your lake and find data such as latitude, longitude, lake history, fishing, boating, and business located on or around that lake.

Why is 'Lake ABC' called 'ABC Lake'? That's not the right name. Sometimes the 'name' comes before 'lake' for simple orginizational reasons. If you looked under L for example, there might be 500 "L" lakes. By placing the proper name first, it helps you find your lake quicker.

I don't see information on my lake. Where is it? We are collecting data and photos on an ongoing basis. We tried to get the biggest and most popular lakes first. If you have original photos and a link to information about your lake, please use the contact button to share the info. Realtors, get a free business listing with your contribution.

WOW! This is great data. Can my web site use it? Press the 'Contact US' link and send us your request. We are activily seeking business, fishing, boating internet sites that can use this data to enhance their web presense.




















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